Rain Coat

The Rain Coat is made of a light weight water resistant rubber material, lined with a soft mesh, and reflective piping along the edges for greater visibility.   

The coat is light, water proof, covers from head to tail and keeps your dog dry in pouring rain. The coat comes in a variety of colors and patterns. 

Recommended  temperatures 5°C to 25°C / 40°F to 70°F ( if you add a Fleece Warmer underneath, it will endure temperatures like the Wool & Fleece Coat) 

Size range 1*

3 - 8 kg

6 - 18 lbs

US$ 65

Size range 2*

9 - 15  kg

19 - 33 lbs

US$ 85

Size range 3*

16  - 25  kg

33 - 55 lbs

US$ 105

Size range 4*

25 - 40 kg

34 - 88 lbs

US$ 130

> 40 kg/ 88 lbs  - request price

*remember to measure your dog according to the measuring guide.

For maintenance; clean with a damp cloth or hand wash. The coat be machine washed inside out, on a "delicate" wash program. 

A - Slit in the neck for attaching the leash to the collar

B - Belly straps from each side 

C - Belly straps from each side 

D - Slit for coiled tails - we make the coat fit any dog

E - Light weight water-proof rubber fabric

Color selection Rain Coat

Red & White Umbrellas
Navy Blue & Ankers
Navy Blue & Yellow Stripes
Soft Blue
Dusty Pink & Umbrellas
Dusty Pink & Stripes
Yellow & Boats
Green (out of stock)
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