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Rain Coat

The Rain Coat is made of a light weight water resistant rubber material, lined with either a soft mesh or Polar Fleece*. It has a reflective piping along the edges for greater visibility.   

The coat is light, water proof, covers from head to tail and keeps your dog dry in pouring rain. The coat comes in a variety of colors and patterns, and you can choose between a regular lining in soft mesh or Polar Fleece*.  

Recommended  temperatures 5°C to 25°C / 40°F to 70°F 

w/Polar Fleece* 5°C to - 10°C/

40°F to 14°F 

Product Info

Product Information

The Rain Coat is made of either Polyuerethan (PU) , Polyester or a mix of both. See each fabric for details of composition. 


The high neck closes in front with Velcro. All coats have an opening in the neck for attaching the leash to the collar. 

The lining is made of a soft Polyester mesh, to keep the coat from clinging in damp and wet weather. For a warmer and more insulated version, you can instead choose a Polar Fleece* lining.


All around the coat is a reflective piping edge for greater visibility

The two straps goes all the way around the underbelly, up the other side of the coat, and closes of with Velcro


To allow for greater movement the extra hem is there so that the coat is loose fitted, over the shoulders and front legs

The Velcro is sewn in with double stitching to make it as durable as possible


Color selection Rain Coat

Color selection for Polar Fleece Lining*

Priser og størrelse/
Price and sizes

Fra NOK 700 - 1400
2 - 40 kg

From US$60 - 130
4 - 88 lbs

*remember to measure your dog according to the measuring guide.

Close the velcro before washing, and wash inside out. No fabric softener. 

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Color Selection
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