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Belly Band

Et Belly Band er et magebelte for hannhunder som dekker lysken. Det brukes for å samle urin; dersom hunden er inkontinent, markerer inne rundt løpetid eller sliter med andre helseplager relatert til urinering.

Belly Band er dobbeltforet med ekstra foring for å holde på urindråpene, og lukkes over ryggen med borrelås.



 A Belly Band is a wrap that fits around your male dog's waist covering his pee pee. It is used to catch urine for any scenario, whether your dog is incontinent, marks their territory, or they have a pesky pee problem.

The Belly Band is double lined, with an extra padding to hold the urine, closes with a Velcro and fits all sizes dogs.

Product Info


Belly Banc er laget av organisk bomull med dobbel borelås

The Belly Band is made of Organic Stretch Jersey with double velcro for closing


Belly Band plasseres helt på enden av ryggen, for å dekke hele hoftepartiet, lysken og helt til halerot.


The Belly Band sits right at the end of the back, covering a broad part of the back right up to the tail. 

Det lukkes på toppen av ryggen med to sett borelås. Det er ingen gnaging eller skraping fra stoffet, som er mykt mot hud og pels. 

It closes on the top of the back with a double set of Velcro to secure it nicely. There's no rubbing or chafing as the fabric is soft and gentle to the skin. 

Color Selcetion
Fargevalg Belly Band
Color selection Belly Band

Priser og størrelse/
Price and sizes

Fra NOK 250 - NOK 650
15 cm - 70 cm
From US$20 - US$55
£20 - £55
8" - 28"

*Measure your dog's waist at the most narrow point, usually right in front of the back legs. See How to Measure Your Dog for instructions. 

The Belly Band has vertical Verclo, which is perfect for those "in-between" sized dogs, or if your dog is still growing. 

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