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We have chosen unique fabrics, in bright  colors an fun patterns, in order to make one of a kind neckerchiefs. 

See our different styles and colors. 

Why wear a Neckerchief, you say? Well, in addition to being stylish and fun it has many practical benefits. Strong vibrant colors can increase the visibility if your dog is off-leash.
When hiking in warm and dry weather, rinsing the Neckerchief in water and tying it around your dog's neck has a cooling effect. When applying insect spray or calming pheromones to your dog, spray it on the Neckerchief instead of directly onto the dogs fur. It also softens the look of any dog, and can help with breed bias. 

Product Information

Made of either interwoven cloth strips of silk and cotton or organic cotton, our Neckerchiefs are one of a kind


Our Neckerchiefs are made out of "fat quarters" of cotton or linnen

The edges of the neckerchief is sewn with a colorful thread


To avoid the fabric from fringing, the neckerchief is cut with a zigzag scissor

Color selection Neckerchiefs

Organic Cotton
Made of organic cotton 

Woven Jacquard Striped Cotton

Handwoven Tibetan Cotton 

Kente Cloth
Silk Cotton 


Size S

Up to 11"

Up to 28 cm

US$ 23/ €23/ NOK 250

Hang to dry.PNG

Size M

11 - 14"

28 - 35,5 cm

US$ 25/ €25/ NOK 275

Hang to dry.PNG

Size L

14 - 18"

35,5 - 46 cm

US$ 28/ € 28/NOK 300

Hang to dry.PNG

Size XL*

18 - 21"

46 - 54 cm

US$ 38/ €38/ NOK 400

Hang to dry.PNG

Measure your dog's neck where the collar normally is worn to ensure the best fit.


The neckerchiefs allow for additional inches/cm to tie, and is perfect for those "in-between" sized dogs, or if your dog is still growing. Length is adjustable by rolling the neckerchief a few times before tying it on.

Fabric Selection
Product Info
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