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Bespoke; made for a particular customer or user. It described anything commissioned to a particular specification (altered or tailored to the customs, tastes, or usage of an individual purchaser). 

In plain words it means that we make a specific, one time item to one customer. From upholstery of a bed, making a coat out of a specific fabric the customer has or recycling old clothing or fabrics into a new dog coat.

Bespoke Order

Do you have an old rain coat that you never use, but can't seem throw it away. Wouldn't it be nice to have it come to use, by making it into a Rain Coat for your cat or dog?


Or, a coat, sweater or bedding that you instead of throwing away, you can reuse to save waist? An old bedding or bed cover can be made into a new bed for your cat or dog. 

Maybe you have a cat or dog bed you love, however the fabric is so worn you can only have it out when no one is visiting, and would love to have it upholstered? 

Or, you have a disabled/amputee dog, and would love to have a piece of apparel specially made?

Send us a message, let's discuss ideas and get a quota. 

Thank you - we`ll get back to you!

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Bespoke Stories

Bespoke Products 


Trigger's mum wanted a new pillow for his bucket bed, as the old one had been worn to pieces. She gave me the old pillow as a pattern, chose the fabric and color and we made Trigger a new pillow for his old bed. 


Wagner's mum had found some Blue Melange Wool Felt fabric she loved, however didn't really know how and what to make of it. So, she sent us the fabric, chose an other fabric for the neck, and we made a Bespoke Wool & Fleece Coat. In addition to that, we made both her and Wagner matching Snoods, using up all the fabric. 


In 2017 I had an old Bergans Softshell Coat I didn't really use, and thoght about handing it into Good Will. Then, I realized I could make Billy a Softshell Winter Coat out of it. 


Stella's mum wanted to make a Drying Robe of a towel she owned, instead of buying new fabrics. She also requested the Robe have a hood and a tie-on belly strap. 


Pepito is a resque from Mexico, found with both his front legs broken. As his legs can't be saved, and will need to be amputated we made him both a custom Softshell Winter Coat and Fleece Jumper, without room for his front legs. 


Johnny's mum has had this beach towel with her on holiday for the past 15 years, and decided it was time for a change. That didn't mean throwing it away, but rather asking us to make Johnny a bespoke Drying Robe and Drying Mitten out of it. As asked, we did! 

Sarek & Sequoia 

Sarek and Sequoia's mum wanted a matching Grease-ish themed Halloween costume for her, and the girls. So, we made these College Sweaters in Pink and Black, with "Pink Ladies" iron-on-letters for them both. We can't wait to see their Halloween photo! 


Bernard's mum wanted him to have a Swedish National Football costume, to roote for Sweden in the upcoming World Cup 2022. So, we redid one out of a kids thsirt. 
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