Drying Robe 


No more heaps of wet towels - this coat dries your dog in no time and makes it so easy to get a wet dog dry. Simple to put on and take off. Perfect for after wet walks, bath times and hydrotherapy.

Drying Robe is made from high-quality, Eco Friendly, Cotton Bathrobe Frottè. 


Just put the Billy & Louie Drying Robe over your wet dog, fasten around the belly and neck with Velcro, and let the fabric do the rest.  


The drying robe dries a dog quickly, and does all the work for you. A Drying Mitten is included for drying wet paws and legs, and to stop your dog from leaving endless wet paw prints all over the house. 


Price range 1*

2 - 8 kg

4 - 18 lbs

US$ 60

Price range 2*

9 - 15  kg

19 - 33 lbs

US$ 75

Price range 3*

16  - 25  kg

33 - 55 lbs

US$ 90

Price range 4*

25 - 40 kg

34 - 88 lbs

US$ 115

> 40 kg/ 88 lbs  - request price

*remember to measure your dog according to the measuring guide.


Close the velcro before washing. 


Product Information

The Drying Coat is made of an Eco-Friendly Cotton Bathrobe Frottè with a cotton canvas rim. 

The high turtle neck closes in front to dry the neck with Velcro.

The neck folds out till a hoodie for drying wet head and ears, and can be fasten with Velcro around the head. 

A wide belly strap covers and dries the fur between the front and hind legs. The coat is made extra long for full coverage from head to tail. 

A bright colored rim makes the coat stylish and colorful.

A Drying Mitten is included for drying paws and legs.


Color selection for Drying Coat

Army Green
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