Drying Robe 


No more heaps of wet towels - this coat dries your dog in minutes, and makes it so easy to get a wet dog dry. Simple to put on and take off. Perfect for after wet walks, bath times and hydrotherapy.

The bathroom floor won't be wet with puddles after your dog shakes off after a shower, and your car isn't mud splattered and wet after a hike and a swim.

Drying Robe is made from high-quality, Eco Friendly, Cotton and Bamboo toweling.


Just put the Bily & Louie Drying Robe over your wet dog, fasten around the belly and neck with Velcro, and let the fabric do the rest.  


The drying robe dries a dog quicker than you can, and does all the work for you. A Drying Mitten is included for drying wet paws and legs, and to stop your dog from leaving endless wet paw prints all over the house. 


No shivering in the back of the car, no wet dog smells, and no endless rubbing down after a bath. 


Size range 1*

2 - 8 kg

4 - 18 lbs

US$ 45

Size range 2*

9 - 15  kg

19 - 33 lbs

US$ 60

Size range 3*

16  - 25  kg

33 - 55 lbs

US$ 75

Size range 4*

25 - 40 kg

34 - 88 lbs

US$ 90

> 40 kg/ 88 lbs  - request price

*remember to measure your dog according to the measuring guide.


Close the velcro before washing. 


Product Information

The Drying Coat is made of an Eco-Friendly Cotton and Bamboo blend with a cotton canvas rim. 

The high turtle neck closes in front to dry the neck with Velcro.

The neck folds out till a hoodie for drying wet head and ears, and can be fasten with Velcro around the head. 

A wide belly strap covers and dries the fur between the front and hind legs. The coat is made extra long for full coverage from head to tail. 

A bright colored rim makes the coat stylish and colorful.

A Drying Mitten is included for drying paws and legs.


Color selection for Drying Coat

Dusty Blue
Dusty Green
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