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Heat Panties

Fun colors and patterns - heat is boring enough. Made in soft stretchy Jersey Cotton fabric, in bright colors and fun prints. 

The Heat Panties is double lined, with a tail opening, closes with a Velcro and fits all sizes dogs. Can also be used for dogs with incontinet issues. 


Product Infomation

Product Info

The Heat Pantie is made of Organic Stretch Jersey with Velcro for closing. 


The Heat Pantie has an opening for the tail, allowing free motion for the dog. 

The Pantie closes on each side of the lower back, has an elastic ribbon in the seem which allows for movement. 


The Velcro goes all along the top of the pantie, which allows it to fit if the dog either puts on or looses weight, or if it's a growing pup. 

Color Selection
Color selection Heat Panties


Size XS

Up to 8" waist*

Up to 21 cm waist*

US$ 23/ €23/ NOK 250

Size XL

Up to 24" waist*

Up to 60 cm waist*

US$ 45/ €45/ NOK 500

Size S

Up to 12" waist*

Up to 30 cm waist*

US$ 28/ €28/ NOK 300

Size M

Up to 16" waist*

Up to 40 cm waist*

US$ 33/ €33/ NOK 350

Size L

Up to 20" waist*

Up to 50 cm waist*

US$ 38/ € 38/ NOK 400

*Measure your dog's waist at the most narrow point, usually right in front of the back legs. See How to Measure Your Dog for instructions. 

The Heat Panties have a long  horizontal Verclo, which is perfect for those "in-between" sized dogs, or if your dog is still growing. 

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