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Here's a list of frequently asked questions, facts and information about coats, beds, shipping, measurements and much more. 

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Q & A

Do you make the coats by a specific size or measurement?

All our coats are made according to the unique measurements of each dog. Go to How to Measure Your Dog, and see our measuring guide.

What`s the most important consideration you make in ensuring the coats will fit any dog? 

The most important factor when sizing is the chest width measurement. We want to ensure that your dog can move properly in the coat, and still be covered up. It can`t be too tight, or too long in front. 


Secondly, review the back length; sometimes there are one or two options. If there isn’t an exact match, we make the coat a little bit shorter rather than having it be too long. If the coat is too long, it tends to catch the wind, and therefore it doesn't keep that snug fit on the dog's body as it should. 

Third, the neck measurement.  Our Wool & Fleece and Softshell Winter Coats have more stretch through the neck than the Rain Coat, due to the Polar Fleece. 

What is the best coat for my dog, based on the climate where I live? 

Every dog is unique, and you will know best what works for your particular dog. Hair length and type, body composition, breed and age are all important determinants of how your dog keeps warm.


However, the general temperature ratings we have on each of our coats are as follows:

  • Softshell Winter Coat: - 5°C to -20°C / 23°F to -4°F

  • Wool & Fleece Coat: : -5°C to 10°C / 23° to 50°F

  • Rain Coat: 5°C to 20°C / 40°F to 68°F  (lined with Polar Fleece 5°C to - 10°C/40°F to 14°F) 

  • Hoodie: 0°C to 15°C / 32°F to 60°F

  • Fleece Onesie: -5°C to 10°C / 23°F to 50°F 

  • Fleece Jumper: -5°C to 10°C / 23°F to 50°F

  • Bomber Jacket: 0°C to 10°C / 32°F to 50°F


Is there a hole for the collar or harness in your Coats?

Our Softshell Winter Coat, Rain Coat and Wool & Fleece Coat all has a hole in the back of the turtleneck for attaching the leash to the collar. If you wish to put your coat over the harness, let us know, and we can make the necessary alterations. 

What colors can I choose from when ordering a Coat?

You can choose from a large variety of colors for each coat - see the specific coat page or the Fabric and Color Selection page. The price of the coat is the same for any color combination. 

Where do you buy your fabrics and do they contain any harmful components?

We buy most of our fabrics in Norway, and some from the UK and US. All the fabrics we use are according to the STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®, which is is a worldwide consistent, independent testing and certification system for raw, semi-finished, and finished textile products at all processing levels. In short it means that none of our products contain harmful components like Azo colourants, formaldehyde, pentachlorophenol, cadmium, nickel, etc. or harmful chemicals, even if they are not yet legally regulated. Read more about this on STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® 

What is the best way to wash and take care of my apparel? 

Each type of apparel has its own washing and maintenance instructions on their page. 


Important: DO NOT use too hot water, strong detergents, bleach or fabric softener. Fabric softener will prevent the fleece from retaining heat within the fleece fibers, and the Softshell and Rain Coat from deterring water. 


To dry coats, hang to dry - no dryer.


Do not iron, bleach or color our apparel. 

How long is production time for a coat or a bed? 

Production time is around 3 weeks from the day the payment is received. In high demand periods production time may be longer, and we`ll keep you updated on your order. 

Do you ship internationally? 

Yes, we ship World-Wide through The Norwegian Postal Service. Prices for shipping is according to the tariffs set by The Norwegian Postal Service. Prices vary from country to country, and so do shipping time. 

What if my package is lost or stolen?

With International shipment with Tracking, the package is ensured for the total value of the content.  Billy & Louie is not responsible if your order is lost in the mail, and will not replace the lost order. 

What is your return policy?

All sales are final, but if there should be any damage or fault with the product, contact us via email  right away. 

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