Breed: Shiba Inu
Gender: Female
Age: 7 months old
Where do you live? Brooklyn, NY, US
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How did you and your human meet?

Last November, my humans fell in love with me the moment they saw me at my breeder’s house (like most people do, obviously).  I was the last puppy to find a home, because I had grown the fastest of all my siblings and people wanted the smallest puppies first.  My humans knew they had to have me.  (They weren’t planning on getting a puppy until the New Year, but once they found me the rest is history!)

Have you done any dog sports like agility, nose work, Barn Hunt ect? Or attended obedience classes? 


I just graduated from puppy school and my parents signed us up for the next level up of obedience classes, where I can’t wait to learn tricks!  

What are your plans for summer?


This summer I plan to go to the beach for the first time, explore more parks in and around Brooklyn, and continues my puppy education. 

How did you get your name?

When my daddy saw me he said, “She looks like an ‘Elsa’”, because he thought I resembled a little snow princess like Queen Elsa from the movie, “Frozen”!  It was at that moment they knew they were my parents. 

Who are some of your dog friends? 


My friends include the many beautiful pups I get to meet at @fortgreenepark in Brooklyn, NY, right next to my house! One of the newest friends I made is another Shiba named “Thanos” (you can follow him at @kratos.thanos)!  

What are some of your favorite past times? 


I love eating everything I can get my snout on, including bully sticks and the fun puzzle games my parents make me, and napping!  I also love my daily walks in Fort Greene Park, where I get to chase all the squirrels and birds and play with all the other pups.  On weekend mornings I get to play off leash there with all the other dogs and that’s the most fun!  

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