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Why custom fitted?

From time to time, I get a request for a "size S" for a xxx breed of dog. My reply is always, "Thank you for contacting us. We make everything according to the unique measurements of each dog - please see our measuring guide". The response is often positive; however some find it tedious, difficult and time consuming to measure there dog. So, why don’t we just make a generic size S in an eg Wool & Fleece Coat?

Because, that’s not our philosophy. As owners of 3 Basenjis; long necks, slender body, deep chest and coiled tail, we struggled to find a coat that fit their proportions. That's why we started making coats - first and foremost for them; Billy, Louie and then Maya.

The response in December 2017 as we started selling our coats, was so positive. Dog owners all over was telling stories of how they had spent $$$ on coats, that didn’t really fit. From then on we've sold to over 20 different breeds/mixed breeds, and we learn something new every time about the unique features of each dog breed. The chest width of a Bull Terrier, the long body of a Podenco, and slender and lanky body of a Whippet, the fluffy coat of a Shiba, and so on.

Timon, Whippet, 8 monhts old

So, why custom fitted, and not generic sizes? Because, we wouldn’t be making coats that fitted all dogs, but some. And, yes - if we were to make generic sizes we could sell our products off the rack in stores, but this is still a hobby and that's not our goal. Our tiny online store is enough for now, and we love getting to know everyone of you and our dogs. We love getting photos of your dogs in their coats, and on their beds, and to keep in contact. We would loose that, if we sold our products hrough a store or an other website.

We'll be doing monthly blogs - next month we'll do an intro of our Pawtners and discount codes.

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