Breed: Staffordshire Bull Terrier
Gender: Male
Age: 3
Where do you live? I live in Norway
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How did you get your name?

It´s kinda of a funny story, but in Norway we have a children´s movie with a character named Ludvig. We have a striking resemblance in behavior where the character is a chubby little brown hedgehog who´s favorite things is to sleep and eat. He´s also a skittish little fellow, who find new things really scary, just like me.

What are some of your favorite past times?

Other than chewing up my mom´s socks? eating and sleeping would be my top two ! 

Have you done any sports like agility, nose work, Barn hund ect? Or attended obedience classes?


We´re not competing, but I love to use weight-pulling to build muscles and burn out some energy.

And we actually attended an obedience class last summer, where I learned how to be calm in various situations with distractions like other dogs or people. Very helpful and we try to use what we learned every day.

How did you and your human meet?


We met through a local breeder and it was love at first sight. My mom had searched for a dog like me for years and finally found a good breeder she could count on. Their main focus is good health and temperament, and that the individual puppy is getting the perfect home. The breeder and mom lived just five minutes from each other, so she came and visited me many times before I could come home with her. 

Who are some of your dog friends?


I have a lot of dog friends in my neighbourhood, and actually living with 3 other dogs now. Two little miniature dachshund´s and a Gordon setter. And since I started my account on Instagram, I´ve gotten so many more!

What are your plans for summer?


Not much planned yet, but I hope we´re going to spend many hours outside hiking or running in the woods. And of course a trip or two to the cabin is mandatory !


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