Breed: French Bulldog
Gender: Male
Age: 4,5 years old
Where do you live? I live in Norway, Bergen with my pawrents
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How did you and your human(s) meet?
We met through a site named Finn.no, where people are selling dogs, cars, furniture etc. Humom was looking for a French Bulldog with pedigree and found me, located in Norway, Stavanger. She contacted my breeder and told him that she was interested in me. They talked for a long time, because my curious humom had a lot of questions to make sure she chose the right. Then she came and picked me up in September 2014. 
How did you get your name?
My humom wanted a name that not everyone has. She stood between Kompis and King. Then she saw me, and saw that I was her new buddy, she decided to call me Kompis. Kompis means buddy in Norwegian. 
Who are some of your dog friends?
My best friend is Samson (Staffordshire Bull Terrier) We have been best friends since Samson was 8 weeks old, and will always be️. I got a new friend this year, named Ranja. She is a cute Labrador Retriever, just 10 weeks old I also want to mention Chanel, my gurl! She is a French Bulldog, and Oscar, my «uncle» that is a Old Tyme Dorset Bulldog. 
Have you done any dog sports like agility, nose work, Barn Hunt ect? Or attended obedience classes?
No, sadly not. My humom was planning to go to a course where I could be a visit dog at elderlyhome, but I needed a surgery in my back, so we didn’t come that far.
What are some of your favorite past times?
My  definitely favorite past time, was when my pawrents brought me to their family cabin. That is a big cabin on an island, all by it self. You actually have to take the boat to get there. So the whole weekend I just ran wherever I wanted, had cosy-time at the fireplace, played in the sea and got to meet a cod that daddy fished. Or else, I just appreciate everyday with my pawrents, furiends, walks, hikings and playdates. 
What are your plans for summer?
We actually haven’t come that far yet. But, I know it will be just good times with sun, waterplaying, hikings, late nights with furiends and bbq’s️. Maybe, we will be doing a roadtrip in Europe️. But, humom says that if I want to join, I need to get comfy with riding in a car first.. That’s actually my biggest fear.
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