Kitty Donut Bed



Whether you're at home, at the cottage, work or on the porch, your cat should have a comfortable and stylish place to rest. 



 The Kitty Donut Bed comes in a soft and luxurious Teddy lining, with an outer part of eiteher Veloure or Corduroy. The fabird are available in a large variety of colors, and tou can mix and match the colors for your bed.

The bed is available in: 

Regular          45 cm Ø


Price US$ 85

Product Information

The Kitty Donut Bed is made of Teddy Fluff and either Velour or Corduroy,  and filled with OECO-TEX Poly-fill. 

The bed is available in one size - 45 cm (diameter) with 18 cm high circular rim

There are no zippers or Velcro - the bed is made of a circular base with a high circular rim sewn on. 

Color and fabric selection for Kitty Donut Bed

White Teddy
Grey Teddy
Brown Teddy
Black Teddy
Curry Velour
Fuschia Velour
Blue Velour
Grey Velour
Emerald Green Velour
Brown Velour
Kaki Velour
Dusty Pink Corduroy
Mustard Corduroy
Aubergine Corduroy
Midnight Blue Corduroy
Bottle Green Corduroy
Petrol Corduroy
Sand Corduroy
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