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A Calming Coat - what's that?


 The coat is a tight fitted, stretchy coat that works as a swaddle like with an infant. It can be effective in calming the dog during thunderstorms, fireworks, travel, vet visits, separation anxiety, stress and more. 


A lot of dogs benefit from this type of calming wrap, however there is no guarantee. In order to calm your dog, you should in addition;

  • during a thunderstorm or lightning, try to find the room in your house that is most "soundproof". Move your dog's bed, drinking bowl and a favorite toy into that room. If you can't stay there with your dog, a piece of clothing that smells like you, can also help to calm and provide comfort. Draw the blinds, close the windows and eliminate as many elements of the storm as possible. If your dog is up for it - try a game of tug of war, or some search games. 

  • for dogs who are scared of fireworks, it can be the sound, smell or sight of the fireworks that scare them, or all of the above. Unlike thunderstorms, fireworks are more rare and you often know when it's coming. Make sure your dog gets a lot of exercise the day of, and tire them out with some mind games. Like with thunderstorm; provide the dog with a safe space, try and block out the sight, sound and smells, and distract your dog with treat or toys. You can also practice with the Calming Coat on while listening to taped fireworks, other times of the year so your dog isn't that sensitive to the sounds. 

  • For dogs with separation anxiety a Calming Coat may help to self sooth, teaching them to calm them self down and thrive in their own company. Teaching a dog to be home alone, is a challenging task, however independence, self soothing, calmness and routines make it much easier. Also, it's important to take the emotions out of leaving and arriving; you should leave when the dog is calm and when arriving home, great them ones calm as they will get less overstimulated from you coming home. The internet is full of great tips and advise for training your dog to be home alone, and break out of the separation anxiety. Just remember; small steps, use positive methods, don't rush it and never ever punish a dog for chewing, peeing or shredding things out of stress whilst home alone. 

Product Info

Product Information

The Calming Coat is made of an Organic Stretch Jersey Cotton


Velcro secures the coat tightly and snug to the body.

The coat closes underneath the torso, and the Belly Flap secures the coat closely. 

Color Selection

Color selection for Calming Coat



Price range 1*

2 - 8 kg

4 - 18 lbs

US$ 45/ €40/ NOK 400

Price range 2*

9 - 15  kg

19 - 33 lbs

US$ 60/ €53/ NOK 525

Price range 3*

16  - 25  kg

33 - 55 lbs

US$ 75/ €65/ NOK 650

Price range 4*

25 - 40 kg

34 - 88 lbs

US$ 90/ €75/ NOK 750

> 40 kg/ 88 lbs  - request price

*remember to measure your dog according to the measuring guide.


Close the velcro before washing. 

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How to put the Calming Coat on your dog?



  1. Step  - Place the Calming Coat on your dog's back, and wrap the Short Flap under the torso.



2. Step  - Wrap the Long Flap under the torso, and secure with velcro onto the Short Flap. Be sure not to put the Calming Coat too tightly. You should be able to slide your fingers between the Calming Coat and your dog's torso



3. Step  - Wrap the Top Flap down onto the Long Flap, and secure with velcro. 


4. ​Step - Wrap the Neck Strap around the front of the dog, and secure with velcro. You should be able to slide your fingers under the Neck Strap, and not feel any restriction around your dog's neck. 

Illustrations by MimiandTaraStore

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