Breed: Merle Great Dane
Gender: Male
Age: 1 year
Where do you live? Mt. Shasta, California 
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How did you and your human(s) meet?

A coworker of my mother’s has two Danes that she wanted to breed as a one time thing to keep their bloodline going. I met the dogs out of curiosity of the giant breed and I completely fell in love with them, and so of course I wanted to see the puppies. They ended up with a litter of 13 and from the moment I laid eyes on them I had to get one. There was only one Merle puppy in the litter, just like the stud, and I knew it was the one. And it was one of the best decisions I have made️

How did you get your name?

From his speckled “rock-like” coloring

Who are some of your dog friends?

Rocky has yet to meet another dog on Instagram, but he has many dog friends in real life

What are some of your favorite past times?

Rocky loves being taken anywhere, he’s always down for an adventure. He loves the attention and he loves exploring. But I would say his absolute favorite thing to do is play in the snow!

Have you done any dog sports like agility, nose work, Barn Hunt ect? Or attended obedience classes?

Rocky did have obedience classes when he was a pup! He responded very well to it and he is very good and learning new things. 

What are your plans for summer?

Being that I am away for work most of the summer, Rocky mostly spends it at home or my moms work, which is okay because he isn’t very good in the heat. But, when I am able to be home I take him to lakes as much as I can!
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