Billy & Louie Dog Apparel is a small business based in Norway, making quality custom made dog apparel. 


We make a variety of handmade coats, beds and accessories for all types of dogs. 

Each dog is unique... 

... and so should their apparel be. The unique design of our dog coats ensures free and comfortable movement for your dog. With the 6 - point measurements, each type of coat will fit your dog perfectly. 

All coats are custom fitted... 

... it's what makes us one of a kind. All our coats are all designed according to your dogs unique measurements. Our detailed guide helps you take the correct measurements for making a coat for your dog. 

We offer worldwide shipping...

...and that means everywhere and anywhere. You can chose between standard shipping or shipping with tracking. 

"Our coats are made to be worn - in snow, rain, mud, slush or windy weather. It`s not a matter of dressing-up, but rather dressing your dog to withstand natures elements" 

Our Apparel

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" The coats are beautifully designed, but practical too which is exactly what we need. It’s not quite like anything else I’ve ever seen and there are so many options of coat style, but also colour combinations. Naturally, I’m drawn to the soft mauves, pinks, and greys but who can deny a yellow raincoat? The brand is a small startup based in Norway and one I’m excited to follow along on their journey" -

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